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Custom White Static Window Clings - Square

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            White Static Window Cling - Square

            Custom White Static Window Clings - Square

            White Static Window Cling - Square

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            Grab Your Customer’s Attention With High-Quality Custom Window Decal Printing

            Make your window signage stand out with custom window decals. Use it as a welcome sign or to advertise store promotions. The durable vinyl materials make it easy to install and remove without any unwanted residue. Placing them in a vehicle window is a cost-effective way to promote your brand or products.

            Bring customers to your store with well-designed custom window decals. Highlight important information such as a value-for-money sale, your store’s hours, or the latest new products.

            Print in a white or colored background or have the sign blend in with your window. Feel free to remove and then reuse in the future for seasonal decals.

            How to Apply Window Decals Using Wet Method

            The wet method is applied to decals that are over 12” x 12”:

            1. Lay the static cling on a clean, flat surface.
            The side that will be applied on the surface should be facing up. Remove the backing paper from the topmost part of the window decal and fold down to expose the side applied to the window.

            2. Spray the application area generously with wet solution. The solution will let the decal slide across the surface for better positioning.

            3. Once you have applied the topmost section on the sprayed area, use a squeegee or rubber roller over the decal from the center until the edges to remove any air bubbles.

            How to Apply Window Decals Using Dry Method

            The dry method is applicable to window decals that are smaller than 12” x 12”:

            1. Place the static cling over the application surface. Fold down the topmost portion of the cling and peel off the backing paper. Cut up the backing paper on the application surface before applying the topmost area.

            2. Use a squeegee or a flat object like a credit card to directly apply the cling. Start from the center and roll until the edges to remove any air bubbles.

            3. Peel off the rest of the backing from the middle and then the bottom portions, repeating step 3 for each of these areas.

            How to Create an Effective Window Decal

            Add and remove elements based on your main message.

            What is the first thing customers need to know after seeing your window decal? Is it your store hours? The latest promo deal for deliveries or a brand-new product line? Your design should lead and clearly show this information.

            If the decal is not informative, then display a call-to-action. Window decals made of perforated adhesive vinyl can encourage store traffic with a sale or freebie giveaway.

            Keep everything clear and readable.

            A simpler design catches more attention. Anything too busy will lose your customer in one glance. Use a font that’s easy to read and print in a size that can be seen from afar. Make sure the visual elements and any additional images do not distract them from your main message.

            Stay consistent with your brand.

            Planning to display a full-color ad made of perforated adhesive vinyl? Use your company’s brand book as a guide. Small businesses can review their previous ads and messaging to see which colors they consistently use. This sustains the brand association made with every promotion your company displays.

            Are the decals repositionable?

            Yes, your custom window decals are removable, reusable, and repositionable. As long as the decals are applied properly and on a clean surface.

            Are the decals difficult to remove? Will they ruin my windows?

            No, the decals are not difficult to remove and will not ruin your windows. Window decals made of static cling that can be removed and repositioned. It does not use an adhesive, so it won’t leave any residue. Just follow the steps above to ensure the correct application. 

            How many window decals can I order?

            You can order at least 1 to a maximum of 100 window decals.  

            Material: White Static Cling

            Printed Side: Front Only

            Static Cling 

            • Applied on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, or metal 
            • Does not need an adhesive to stick on the applied surface 
            • Removable, reusable, and repositionable 
            • Comes in a clear, white, or colored background; recommended for displays that want the store’s interior visible from the outside. 

            White Static Cling

            • Unprinted areas will be white
            • Clings to smooth surfaces without adhesive
            • Removable, repositionable and reusable
            • Can be installed inside or outside glass (Best to Install outside if glass is tinted)


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