Custom Business Card Printing

Why Custom Business Cards are Essential for Your Professional Image

In current times, the value of a physical business card may not seem as good as they used to be. However, custom business cards remain a powerful tool for networking and establishing a professional image. Here's why they are essential for your business:

  • A well-designed business card can make a positive first impression on potential clients or business partners. It helps you distinguish yourself from the competition and acts as a physical reflection of your business.
  • Business cards are a practical way to exchange contact information during networking events and meetings because they are small and simple to distribute. They make it simpler for people to get in touch with you and serve as a physical reminder of your interaction.
  • Professionalism and Credibility: A business card that is expertly created shows that you take your enterprise seriously. It communicates a sense of authority and dependability, which may have a favourable effect on how other people view your brand.
  • Possibilities for branding: Custom business cards provide a platform to display your brand identity. To create a unified and eye-catching image of your company, you can combine your logo, brand colours, and tagline.
  • Customization: By making your business cards unique, you may give them a personal touch that appeals to your target market. Personalised business cards convey your uniqueness through distinctive designs, elaborate finishes, or tactile materials.

Designing Your Custom Business Cards: Tips for Creating Memorable Designs

It's crucial to make a design that makes a lasting impact when producing bespoke business cards. Here are some ideas to help you build distinctive business card layouts:

  1. Keep it Simple: Don't overstuff your business card with details. Be sure you only include pertinent information, such as your name, position title, phone number, and website or social network handles. Design that is simple and minimalistic improves readability and visual impact.
  2. Select the Correct Typography: Choose legible typefaces that complement your brand's image. To draw attention to important information, use contrasting font sizes and weights. To elicit the desired feelings and perceptions, take into account the psychology of fonts.
  3. Use Colors Strategically: Pick hues that complement your brand's identity and arouse the appropriate feelings. Use colour schemes that are pleasing to the eye and make key elements stand out. Keep the contrast high for easy reading.
  4. Include Visual Elements: Include the logo for your business or any pertinent images that represent your brand. The type or industry of your firm can be conveyed with the use of graphics or icons.
  5. Think About Special Finishes: Make a statement by choosing distinctive finishes like embossing, foil stamping, or spot UV coating. Your business cards can look and feel better with these unique embellishments, increasing their impact.

Choosing the Right Material and Printing Options for Your Custom Business Cards

Selecting the appropriate material and printing options is crucial to ensure your custom business cards meet your expectations. At Print Pronto, we offer a variety of choices to suit your needs:

  1. Standard Business Cards: Our standard business cards are printed on high-quality cardstock, providing a professional look at an affordable price.

  2. Rounded Corner Business Cards: Add a touch of modernity with rounded corners, giving your business cards a sleek and stylish appearance.

  3. Premium Business Cards: Choose our premium business cards for a luxurious look and feel. These cards are printed on premium-quality paper with various finish options.

  4. Painted Edge Business Cards: Make a bold statement with painted edge business cards. They provide your cards an eye-catching element and are available in a variety of brilliant colors.

  5. Plastic Business Cards: Plastic business cards are strong and water-resistant. They are an excellent choice for businesses in industries such as hospitality or healthcare.

  6. Eco-Friendly Business Cards: If sustainability is a priority for your business, opt for our eco-friendly business cards, made from recycled or sustainable materials.

You may develop unique business cards that represent your brand's values and leave a good impression on your target audience by picking the appropriate material and printing techniques.

At Print Pronto, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. With our user-friendly online platform and nationwide shipping services, you can conveniently order your custom business cards and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Elevate your professional image with custom business cards from Print Pronto. Order online today and make a bold statement!


At Print Pronto, we have over six different custom business card styles to choose from. Each provides a different look and feel for your brand. Our most popular option is standard business cards. These are great low-cost options that are great to have around the office.

If you have a ton of meetings, client calls, or conferences you're attending, you may want to go with a higher-end option like our premium business cards. No matter which you choose, you can feel confident that your target audience will always know how to connect with your company when they're ready to work with you.

Whether your sales team is attending an event or prospecting in your community, you must have business cards everywhere they go. Even in this digital age, custom business cards are some of the most impactful marketing tools you can leverage to get recognized in your community. They stick with your customers in their wallets, by their desks, or in their backpacks. When they're ready to talk business, they'll know who to call or email.

The average cost varies depending on the type of business card you choose, the size, and the material.

For example, if you like our Standard-Sized Business Cards (4/0 Color) - Premium, you can expect to pay around $143 for 1000. If you like our Premium Kraft Business Cards, you can expect to pay $123 for 1000 cards.

When it comes to designing a custom business card, it's essential to include the right information to make a lasting impression. Your business card serves as a mini representation of your brand, so it's crucial to make it informative and visually appealing. Here are the key details to include:

  • Name and Title: Start with your full name and professional title. This helps people remember who you are and what you do.
  • Company Name and Logo: Display your company name and logo prominently to reinforce brand recognition. Your logo adds visual appeal and establishes your professional identity.
  • Include any necessary contact information, such as your phone number, email address, and website. This makes it simple for potential consumers or clients to contact you.
  • Physical Address: If you have a brick-and-mortar location, consider including the address on your business card. This is especially important if you want people to visit your office or store.
  • Social Media Profiles: In today's digital age, including your social media handles can be beneficial. It allows people to connect with you online and engage with your brand on various platforms.
  • Tagline or Slogan: A memorable tagline or slogan can assist promote the value your brand offers or its distinctive selling characteristics. It gives your card personality and creates a lasting impact.
  • The standard dimensions for a custom business card in the United States are typically 3.5 inches by 2 inches. This size is widely recognized and fits perfectly into most wallets and cardholders. However, keep in mind that you can also opt for custom sizes or die-cut shapes to make your business card stand out.

    Designing an effective custom business card involves finding the right balance between creativity and professionalism. Here are some tips to help you create an impactful business card:

  • Keep it Simple: Don't cram your business card with unnecessary details. Select a straightforward, uncluttered layout that is simple to read and comprehend at a glance.
  • Utilize Legal Fonts: Choose fonts that are readable and clear. Avoid selecting extremely elaborate or decorative typefaces because they can make text harder to read.
  • Pick Colors Carefully: Use hues that convey the appropriate emotions and are consistent with your business identity. Don't forget to take color psychology and background and text contrast into account.
  • At Print Pronto, we have many different materials to choose from. Here are three of our most popular options:

    • Gloss: Gloss business cards are vibrant and eye-catching. They are relatively low-cost and add a professional look to your cards.
    • Kraft: Kraft is produced from chemical pulp and doesn't involve any bleaching. It has an eco-friendly look and feels and will complement your sustainable initiatives.
    • Plastic: Our plastic business cards are less likely to be damaged, folded, or torn. This will increase the longevity of the business card and ensure your customers hold onto them for longer.
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