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Circle Window Decals

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            Circle Window Decals

            Circle Window Decals

            Circle Window Decals

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            Create Window Stickers for Your Storefront and Vehicle 

            Design custom window stickers to display at your store or on your company vehicle. Choose a standard shape or custom size that will easily fit the surface it will be applied onAll designs are printed on window adhesive. Comes in a clear background that still shows your store interior or in a colored background to contrast the front. 

            Order a set of window stickers to showcase your business today. Print them as car window stickers or seasonal promos you can reuse in the future. 

            How to Apply Window Stickers

            1. Make sure the window is clean before application. Hold the vinyl up against the applicable area and use masking tape to mark and attach the sides.

            2. Place the vinyl up against the window. Make sure the taped portions are against the markers.

            3. Slide a credit card across the sticker, moving from the center toward the sides. Remove the rest of the backing paper and place a firm hold on the vinyl as you slide the credit card over the sticker.

            Material: White Window Adhesive

            Rounded Corners: None

            White window adhesive has a glossy, bright finish that suits full-color displays. It works best for outdoor window stickers seen from outside.  

            • Removable and repositionable 
            • Glossy finish that works best on solid or white background color designs 
            • Best applied on the front of the window or glass surface exterior 
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