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5" x 5" Kiss Cut Stickers

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          Kiss Cut Stickers

          5" x 5" Kiss Cut Stickers

          Kiss Cut Stickers

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          Help Customers Identify Themselves or Your Package With Special Custom Stickers  

          Are you an organization finding new ways to suit your members different personalities? Whether you’re a university with thousands of enrolled students, a fashion designer creating bespoke pieces for the hustling millennial, or an organic skincare provider delivering affordable luxury, custom stickers offer the freedom, space, and variety in a print marketing tool that caters to the busy and mindful individual. Find the right size, shape, and style you need to make a standout statement sticker that speaks volumes to your audience.

          What’s the Difference Between Labels and Stickers?

          Labels and stickers are often used interchangeably to refer to a piece of sticky graphic. Although both share some qualities (e.g., materials, adhesives, shapes, etc.), stickers and labels differ on how they are used:


          Labels are often used for brand identification and for providing information. They can be used on product packaging and shipping boxes but can also be used for personal items. Label size is usually determined by the surface where they will be used. For example, a 3” x 3” round label could go on a mason jar or on a water bottle.


          Stickers are typically printed to promote a brand or cause. In offline marketing, stickers serve as a seal of approval or thumbs up from customers when used. Stickers can be inserted in packages, handed out to customers, and given as a freebie with every purchase.

          How do I peel off the stickers?

          Stickers come with a paper backing that protects the adhesive. Since stickers come in different shapes and formats, it’s essential to know the best ways to peel stickers to keep them crease-free when you transfer them to your product packaging or any other surface.

          Cut-to-Size Stickers come with a bend-and-peel backing that makes peeling off a lot easier. This backing comes in two panels, which you need to split or bend to reveal the adhesive. 

          Kiss-Cut Stickers Unlike die-cut stickers that are trimmed to the exact shape, kiss cuts sit on a large paper backing. To peel off, look for the border and flick up the edge of the sticker with your nail and finger. Gently lift the sticker and move to another corner to avoid creasing.

          Sticker Sheets come with a full-sized backing. This format requires you to remove the stickers one by one. Look for the outline around the piece of sticker you want to remove. Gently lift the sticker from one corner slowly until you’re able to lift the whole piece off. Smaller stickers can usually be peeled off in one swoop.

          Roll Stickers are perhaps the easiest to peel off from the backing. Simply look for an edge that you can easily lift off and work your way around just as you would with a kiss-cut or die-cut sticker.

          Does printing time include the time needed to deliver my order?

          The printing time on the online calculator refers to the number of days to produce your order. You can estimate the transit time and expected arrival of your items by clicking on the “Shipping Cost and Delivery Date” link at the bottom of the calculator.

          What is the difference between paper sticker and BOPP material?

          If you order stickers made from BOPP, they will be more durable than paper. Paper is the best choice to print custom sticker rolls that will only be used indoors and will not be exposed to water. BOPP has a similar appearance, but the strong material is often applied on consumable products that require refrigeration, such as water and beer bottles. Clear, white, and silver metallic BOPP are waterproof, oil-resistant, and tear-proof. The best material to make your stickers depends on where and how you intend to use them.

          What is the difference between matte, gloss, and high-gloss coating?

          Matte coating appears smooth and satin-like, unlike gloss and high-gloss. This effect happens because it does not reflect light. It is recommended for those who need a rustic or subdued look for their design. Gloss coating makes the design shine, so colors appear more vibrant and stand out under low light. High-gloss UV coating has a shinier finish than gloss, and it’s also waterproof and durable enough for outdoor use.

          How long do stickers last?

          When stored correctly and at the right temperature, most stickers can last for 1-2 years without being used. On the other hand, vinyl stickers can last up to five (5) years.

          Our stickers come with a permanent adhesive backing that sticks to almost any surface. The adhesive hardens over time, giving the stickers the best adhesion the longer they are set. However, textured and curved surfaces reduce the tack from the adhesive. For best results, we recommend placing stickers on flat and smooth surfaces.

          Kiss-cut stickers are easy to peel and come with a square backing to protect the edges.


          • 70lb. Label Matte
          • 70lb. Label Gloss

          Rounded Corners: No

          Bundling: None

          70lb. Label Gloss

          • Crack and peel paper with a gloss finish
          • Features a permanent, all purpose adhesive back
          • Permanent ink markers work best for writing given sufficient drying time
          • For indoor use only, not waterproof

          70lb. Label Matte

          • Crack and peel paper sticker with an elegant non-reflective matte finish
          • Features a permanent, all purpose adhesive back
          • Can be written on with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen
          • For indoor use only, not waterproof
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