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Premium Metallic Flyers

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            Metallic Flyers

            Premium Metallic Flyers

            Metallic Flyers

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            Metallic flyers: Shine that drives attention.

            How do you promote an event that's all about glitz and glamour? It's simple: you go with metallic flyer printing.

            Flyers are the go-to standard for event promotion. And when you add metallic coating to the mix, you're left with awesome flyers that really shine. They will capture your customer's attention. That's a guarantee.

            Metallic flyer printing goes beyond event promotion. You can just as easily use them as business flyers to introduce new products or services.

            Making an appearance at a trade show anytime soon? Don't leave without metallic flyers. They will make it easier for you to stand out more. In a sea of mundane flyers, your marketing flyers will steal the show.

            Metallic flyers can even be used to promote restaurant menu items. Or use them as club flyers for your next party.

            There are plenty of ways to use cheap flyer printing to boost sales and build a brand. All it takes is creativity and a solid flyer design.

            Metallic coating applies a layer of silver ink to make the entire flyer glisten. But what if you want a particular area of your design shine brighter than the rest?

            That's where spot UV comes in. Spot UV is a process that applies a high-gloss coating to areas you specify in your flyer design. It's a perfect way to put a spotlight on important text or even a product image.

            What does turnaround time mean?

            It refers to the number of business days it will take to print your product. Shipping time is not included.

            Can I have my flyers folded?

            We don't offer folding options for metallic flyers at this time.

            Your custom metallic flyer will be printed on 16 pt. cardstock. That's around half the thickness of a credit card.

            Unlike regular paper stock, 16 pt cardstock is not as flimsy. They're tough and can certainly last longer. Because of its premium quality, your customers will have second thoughts about throwing these flyers away.

            Material: 16 pt. Cardstock Gloss

            Printed Side: Front Only

            Metallic Side: Metallic on Front

            Spot UV: None

            Coating: None

            Rounded Corners: None

            16 pt. Cardstock Gloss

            • Slightly thicker and sturdier than the 14 pt. cardstock; added rigidity protects it from folds and creases
            • Colors and images come out in vivid detail
            • Provides limited writability using some ballpoint pens or permanent markers
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