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Circle Flyers

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            Circle Flyers

            Circle Flyers

            Circle Flyers

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            Round out your marketing with circle flyer printing.

            Our circle flyers are just the thing for those situations when you need your printing to stand out just a bit more. They're the perfect shape for brands that use circular logos or for any design that needs to stand out in a sea of regular rectangular flyers.

            These precision-cut circle flyers are popular for promoting circular foods like pizza, pie and cookies, because the shape helps give a realistic feel to the tasty image. The round design also highlights features like new items or flagship products. Circular flyers naturally draw attention to the center, making them an excellent choice for flyer designs that create a strong visual focus.

            How can I effectively design my flyer?

            • Keep the design focused without losing its appeal. The overall look shouldn’t be too busy and should lead readers to your main image and headline.
            • Use a readable font and high resolution images. Flyers are quickly scanned so a pixelated image and a confusing font will lose a customer’s interest.
            • Get straight to the point. Your announcement or discount offer should be immediately seen. Use a call-to-action to entice customers and to build interest in your brand.


            • 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss
              • A thick and hefty cardstock that isn't prone to bending and folding
              • Shiny gloss finish prints bright colors and sharper images
              • Wear and tear-resistant cardstock
            • 14 pt. Cardstock Matte
              • A thick and hefty cardstock that isn't prone to bending and folding
              • Matte coating produces colors in an elegant, muted hue
              • Soft texture provides a look that's easy on the eyes

            Printed Side: Front Only

            Foil: None

            Spot UV: None

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