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Dine-in Menus (Small)

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          Dine-in Menus (Small)

          Dine-in Menus (Small)

          Dine-in Menus (Small)

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          Whet people’s appetites with custom dine-in menus.

          People eat with their eyes first. Make a strong impression among diners with custom dine-in menus. 

          Personalized menus help build a professional image of your foodservice business. Whether you are running a restaurant or a fast-food chain, dine-in menus can help improve your brand image. These will keep your business top of mind the next time customers eat out.  

          Draw Attention to What Matters

          Offer a glimpse into your cuisine with eye-catching photos and enticing descriptions. As the first line of communication for your business, your menus should show your diverse food offerings in a beautiful and organized way. 

          Choose from 3 folding options to organize dishes into different categories. Add boxes and vary the typography to draw the eyes to specials and expensive items. Show your brand personality by using different sizes and finishes.  

          Make Ordering Safe

          Custom dine-in menus can be laminated with gloss or matte plastic to preserve print integrity. The lamination also allows for quick sanitation of the menu in between orders.  

          Take safety protocols to another level by using disposable menus. Single-use and recyclable, these menus lessen the point of contact between customersOrder them in bulk and recycle them after each use. 

          Will the colors in the printed design look the same as the ones in my artwork?

          We do our best to give our customers the best color match for their artwork. However, getting the exact color match is not always possible. The texture, finish, and type of material used for the project could affect the colors on the final printed product.

          Should I use CMYK for my artwork?

          We recommend using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key or Black) for printed projects. This ensures that you will get the right colors in the final printed product.

          How do I make the quality of my image better?

          Some images appear blurry when printed. This is caused by low image resolution, which makes the artwork look pixelated. To fix this, use an image with at least 300 dpi.

          What file formats do you accept?

          We accept print-ready files in the following formats: AI, EPS, CDR, .TIFF, JPEG, PSD, INDD, .DF, and PUB.

          What image resolution should I use for images?

          The ideal resolution for images is 300 dpi and 400 dpi for text. Please check our Guide to Image Resolution to see the requirements for different image sizes.

          Which file format is best for accuracy?

          We recommend lossless file formats like TIF and EPS to preserve the quality of your image.

          Type: Laminated

          Lamination: 3 mil Gloss (Sealed)


          • 100 lb. Paper Gloss
            • Fine quality and smooth textured paper that is thicker than the standard magazine paper
            • Foldable and easy to keep for future reference
            • Gloss coating comes with a shiny finish and prints colors in vivid detail
            • Has a fade-resistant surface
          • 100 lb. Paper Matte
            • Fine quality and smooth textured paper that is thicker than the standard magazine paper
            • Foldable and easy to keep for future reference
            • Matte coating has a non-gloss finish that suits soft colors and text-based designs

          Printed Side: Front and Back

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