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Premium Silk Flyers

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          Silk Flyers

          Premium Silk Flyers

          Silk Flyers

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          Silk flyers: A grand marketing statement.

          Silk flyer printing takes your flyers several notches up to make the most out of your advertising. While ordinary business flyers are mostly visual, silk flyers add a touch of elegance you can feel in your fingertips. This makes your flyers more desirable and effective.

          These silk flyers are commonly seen as handouts during networking events. You can also see them used in industries where elegance and relaxation are natural selling points like spas, salons, and high-end restaurants.

          If you’d really like to stand out from the crowd, custom silk flyers are right for you.

          How can I effectively design my flyer?

          • Keep the design focused without losing its appeal. The overall look shouldn’t be too busy and should lead readers to your main image and headline.
          • Use a readable font and high resolution images. Flyers are quickly scanned so a pixelated image and a confusing font will lose a customer’s interest.
          • Get straight to the point. Your announcement or discount offer should be immediately seen. Use a call-to-action to entice customers and to build interest in your brand.

          Material: 16 pt. Cardstock

          Lamination: Silk

          Printed Side: Front and Back

          Spot UV: None

          16 pt. Cardstock

          • Sturdy cardstock that is able to withstand multiple handouts
          • Laminated with a thin layer of plastic film that increases cardstock thickness to 18 pt. 
          • Silk laminate appears smooth and has a slight sheen, a nice contrast to the optional spot UV application
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