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Standard Gloss Flyers (4/4)

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            Standard Gloss Flyers (4/4)

            Standard Gloss Flyers (4/4)

            Standard Gloss Flyers (4/4)

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            Get Your Message Out There

            Our flyers include varying sizes that will suit any amount of space needed to fully construct your message or offered services you provide. Most commonly, you can use the default letterhead size (8.5”x11”). All stocks use 100lb paper which is the heaviest stock possible for flyers and keeping the same high quality finishes. You can select standard or premium gloss finishes depending on preference and price range or select matte if you enjoy the less subdued look.

            What type of files should I upload?

            We check every uploaded file to ensure it is ready for printing. Uploading the original files is always a good option just in case you sized it incorrectly or if the file requires a minor adjustment, however, a PDF, Illustrator, or Photoshop files are preffered in this case. 

            What resolution should my files be?

            We require files that are 300dpi, anything less will result in a degraded printing.

            What Color Mode should I use when uploading?

            If you are uploading designs, you should always use CMYK color mode. When sending an RGB file there is a possibility that the color may shift slightly so try to create files utilizing the CMYK color mode. Below you can see example color differences.

            How do I set the bleed area and crop marks?

            Our system automatically sizes files correctly but if you send your own files please size you files based on the size details on every product upload page. Please remove all crop and bleed marks. Most of our products require a bleed by adding .125" to document length and also .125" to the width and make sure all colors or images flow to the end of the canvas.

            Can I use borders on my design?

            Borders can be very difficult to cut exactly how it appears in the design because we do bulk cuts so there is always the chance of the borders not being exactly distributed after the cut. If you require a border on your printed item we recommend that you keep it as far away from the cut lines as possible. Cutting large sheets can result in slight variations throughout the batch. Your order can be cut up to .125" off which is standard in the industry and not considered a manufacturer's error so if you do require a border for best results keep it as far from the cut line as possible.

            How do I prepare a file for spot UV?

            Spot UV is a shiny gloss applied only to certain areas of your design that you choose. In order to get a spot UV job you must create a duplicate version of your card and make 100% black all the areas that you want the UV gloss applied to and submit the file before or after your order. 

            Make Sure Your Blue Remains Blue?

            Making sure your blue remains blue, and doesn't appear as a purple. If you decide to use blue in one of your designs you should try to leave at least a 30 percent difference in the Magenta and Cyan values. Because purple and blue are very close in CMYK coloring, utilize a small amount of magenta when utilizing a high amount of cyan. C100%/M70%

            How do I avoid edges that crack?

            Darker colors like black are prone to edges cracking, however, this usually occurs in a small amount of the run. In order to avoid this utilize lighter colors around the edges.

            Why is there cracking in my scored printing?

            Most coated printing products that have scoring can begin to crack. As time goes by the cracking can also expand and lose ink with further use. By not ordering coating can reduce cracking but may not entirely eliminate it.

            Turn Around

            Printing times are close approximations and not guaranteed as there are exceptions for file issues or quality checks, but most of the time you can count on the following schedule. All orders submitted by 8am E.S.T. will be processed based on the turnaround time you choose during checkout and it will include that day as one of the business days. All orders processed after 8am E.S.T. will begin counting business days on the following business day.

            For a close approximation of your delivery date please combine printing turnaround with total shipping time. Ground shipping is approx. 3 business days or less depending on your state.

            Paper Stock:

            • Standard Gloss
            • Premium High Gloss

            Paper Material: 100LB Paper

            Printing Side: Front And Back

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