Business Cards That Are Worth-Keeping (Not Thrown Away!)


Now that we are living in a world where technology is used almost everywhere, we cannot deny that the use of actual business cards has become less and less as the years go by. There are many websites on the internet that offer eCards, business cards that are created digitally where you can just scan a QR code or click on a link to view it, but for most people in the corporate industry, a physical business card still works wonders!

So… how do they do it? How do they get the person they give it to to KEEP it?

The reason why we’re asking these questions is, let’s face it, there are only a couple of places where a business card can go to:

Trash bin
A person’s wallet or their reference file/folder

Don’t let your business cards go to waste - it’s just a matter of creativity and putting the right contents! Here’s how you can create awesome business cards:

Separate your cards from the standard, basic ones! The most common (and usually boring) ones are those that are white with black texts on it. This standard design will blend with the other business cards in someone’s file or wallet and we don’t want that… we want your business card to be UNFORGETTABLE and STAND OUT. Go with a darker color, or at least a colored one - anything but white. 

Stock cards work but you can always try to make the look and ‘feel’ more fancier! You can go with matte cards, glossy, metallic, embossed, spot UV cards… see, you have a lot of options!

The standard ones are the rectangular-shaped ones but don’t be afraid to go with another shape! Again, be creative and make your card stand out. 

Go EXTRA on the information you put onto it. Instead of the usual name, phone number, email, website, etc., add a short quote, a fun fact, use icons, give a brief overview of your brand story like a company tagline. Really, there are a lot of ways to make it more fun and interesting for the people you hand it over, even just putting one content on it will intrigue people and make them wonder… “Huh… this is interesting. I’ll ring this guy up!”.

There would also be times that you may be asked about the background of the design and the content so make sure you are ready with answers! You can keep it simple but still fascinating. 

It is highly important that it goes with your brand. Branding does not just apply with your products, folks. It applies to every aspect of your business, even the tiniest aspects - remember that!

Okay, so you hand them your business card to give your information - done. But don’t you know that it’s far more interesting if your business card can have another purpose vs. being just a business card? Since the shape and size of it is limitless, create another purpose onto it like making it a coaster or a beer mat, a bookmark, a ref magnet, a handy tool, a bottle opener and the list goes on. As we say, it’s all about CREATIVITY.

Wrapping it up!
Some people nowadays think that business cards are irrelevant but honestly, it is still of good use to brands and businesses. It seems that it is no use anymore because people are letting this happen. A well-designed and thought-of business card is worth a thousand eCards or emails. It creates more connection, it gives people the idea of your brand story, it gives people a good peek at the ‘soul’ of your business.

Make your business card one of the frontlines to put you and your brand in front of more prospects.

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