Take Your Product Labels to the Next Level

Your product labels should be catchy and enticing to the point that any consumer who sees it will not hesitate to buy your product and keep on wanting for more!

There are so many ways to design your labels and of course, the design that you want matters. But the real question is... how can it contribute to effectively market your product and produce more sales?

To give you a quick explanation on the importance of using effective labels on your business, ask yourself these questions:

"What is the first thing I see when I buy a product?"

"Whenever I look for a product that I used before, how can I easily see it from the shelves?"

"What do I check when I want to know more information about a product?"

Answer: The product label.

So, now that you know the importance behind it, let's dive into creating the design!

How do you make your label stand out? Check out these tips!

  1. Make a research about your competitors so you can make your label different from theirs. This is YOUR product and makes it easy for the customers to remember what your product looks like. 
  2. Use your own design and brand messaging. Again, this is YOUR brand.
  1. Control how you relay your brand experience by using the principles of visual hierarchy. See from the customers' perspective and imagine how you would want to walk them through as they see your label and your product, then you rank your design elements from there.
    • Draw your customer's eye towards a certain area on your product label by adjusting its size and scale.
    • Make objects on your label standout by playing with color, contrast, and whitespace.
    • Space your label contents accordingly to direct the user on which content to focus on next and it is recommended to use tone and texture, too. 
    • Prioritize content by choosing the right style and typefaces.
    • Match your custom product label with your product. Customers expect to see on the inside what they saw on the outside - this develops a sense of continuity for the customers PLUS a sense of branding.

    So... are you now ready to level up your custom product labels? 

    Make your products STANDOUT!