How to Design Banners & Signages that Rock

What better way to announce your message or showcase your brand than using banners and signs? This may be big stuff but it plays a crucial role when it comes to marketing, advertising, branding and most importantly, business and network growth. Sure, you can use social media but it would be better if your customers/audience can see it physically, too, right?

Let's cite these few examples:

What do you first see before you step into a store?

What's that gigantic thing you see by the door when you are attending an event?

What's that hanging by the window when there's a huge sale?

It all boils down to one answer... BANNERS & SIGNS.

Let's admit it. Not all banners and signs that we see are...interesting. There are some that you would even have to go through all the contents just to get the main point of it or sometimes, we don't read or even take a look at it all. 

Make 'em eye-catching! Get your message across with just one look!

1. Know your audience. 

Make your banner targeted to the audience that will most likely take action. Don;t worry though, because targeted doesn't mean few. By targeting, you lure all the right customers/audience that you need to take action.

2. Provide a clear message. 

Do not overcrowd it with small texts. Being clear and concise (to the point!) makes it easier to read and understand. 

3. Make your banners & signs more readable, visible and vibrant through contrast. 

Designing your banner with the right combination of fonts, colors, and other elements. These are some of the key factors on achieving a compelling and effective design.

4. Ask for professional help.

If you are unsure of your design, you may want to work with a professional so they can help you with every detail and put your ideas into an effective design.

So, you see, it's not just about putting random colors and graphics along with it. Your banners & signages must be well thought out to reach your audience and to get the attention it needs to grow your business and/or convey your message.