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Premium Uncoated Brochures (No Folding)

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          Premium Uncoated Brochures (No Folding)

          Premium Uncoated Brochures (No Folding)

          Premium Uncoated Brochures (No Folding)

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          Maximize High-Quality, Organized Brochure Printing

          Brochure printing is part of every successful marketing campaign. Give away brochures at conventions, highlight details about your new collection, or include them with every new customer purchase. They are an effective, versatile, and affordable promotional tool.

          Brochures are practical marketing tools used to promote your information-heavy campaigns. They can be laid out like a take-out menu and contain listings of different products and services; or function as travel and events guides. Brochures come in standard and custom sizes. Read on to learn how to standard brochures that will work best for your business.

          Brochure Size for every business

          Standard brochure sizes are used by businesses that wish to spread information about their products and services. Below are examples of industries and/or events where we can use these sizes:

          • Services - A good example of this would be photography studios. These brochures can feature sample works, special packages, and contact numbers. 
          • Medical - informative guides that give summaries of health care facts, medical conditions, health concerns, and general first aid topics. 
          • Real Estate - description of commercial and residential properties and property information such as the address, property specifications, and contact numbers 
          • Trade Fair - participating companies in these events have an opportunity to communicate with their audience through brochures. They can showcase and demonstrate their products and services and position their brand among competitors.
          • Non-Profit Orgs - these organizations use brochures to explain advocacy, history, and mission to gain support from potential benefactors and the general public. 

          On the other hand, the larger brochure sizes; 11” x 17 and 11” x 25.375 are more appropriate if you want to have more detailed content because some businesses would require image-heavy content.

          • Amusement/Theme Park Brochures - a definite need for theme parks to have because this informs people of featured attractions, rides, and other events.
          • Mini maps - map representations are especially helpful for tourists to guide them throughout their trip. Ideally, mini-map brochures contain street names and popular landmarks. These are displayed on hotel counters and souvenir shops. A more detailed map may need custom sizing and options.
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