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2" Custom Circle Stickers on Rolls

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            Custom Circle Stickers in Rolls

            2" Custom Circle Stickers on Rolls

            Custom Circle Stickers in Rolls

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            Custom Labels call attention to your business

            What makes a label fun and effective? What it boils down to for most people is the customization of the design. With custom label printing, you can create labels that will drive a positive impression and instant brand recognition. Labels easily promote your business as part of your product packaging, whether used for mailing as custom address labels or as custom wine labels. They also play an important role in event organizers that need to print personalized labels for weddings and other events.

            What’s the Difference Between Labels and Stickers?

            Labels and stickers are often used interchangeably to refer to a piece of sticky graphic. Although both share some qualities (e.g., materials, adhesives, shapes, etc.), stickers and labels differ on how they are used:


            Labels are often used for brand identification and for providing information. They can be used on product packaging and shipping boxes but can also be used for personal items. Label size is usually determined by the surface where they will be used. For example, a 3” x 3” round label could go on a mason jar or on a water bottle.


            Stickers are typically printed to promote a brand or cause. In offline marketing, stickers serve as a seal of approval or thumbs up from customers when used. Stickers can be inserted in packages, handed out to customers, and given as a freebie with every purchase.

            How to Peel Off Labels

            Labels come with a protective backing that prevents the adhesive from losing its stickiness. Sometimes, peeling off labels can create unsightly creases on the product. Here are some tips on how you can peel and apply labels:

            Cut-to-Size Labels

            These labels have two panels that you need to bend and peel to reveal the adhesive.

            Kiss-Cut Labels

            Kiss-cut labels have a large backing that is not trimmed to the shape of the label. To remove the labels, gently lift one side and slowly pull the rest to avoid creasing.

            Sheet Labels

            These labels come with one large backing. Carefully separate the labels from the backing with your finger. Look for the outline on the backing to see where you can lift off the label.

            Roll Labels

            The easiest to peel off, roll labels can be peeled off by just lifting a corner from the backing. Slowly pull the label away from the backing. If you need to, move to another corner and peel to prevent wrinkling.

            Does printing time include the time needed to deliver my order?

            The printing time on the online calculator refers to the number of days to produce your order. You can estimate the transit time and expected arrival of your items by clicking on the “Shipping Cost and Delivery Date” link at the bottom of the calculator.

            What is the difference between white premium sticker paper, BOPP materials, and textured paper?

            White premium sticker paper is best used for items that will be displayed indoors but not refrigerated. Clear, white, and silver metallic BOPP uses a paper film that protects the label from oil, chemicals, and water. BOPP is also able to withstand refrigeration. Textured paper is often used on gourmet food and wine labels for its elegant and distinct textured finish.

            Which label materials are writable?

            Need to write down notes and other information on your labels? Here is a list of writable materials for your labels.

            • 70 lb. label matte can be written on with a permanent marker. This material is ideal for adding best-by dates by hand.
            • 70 lb. label high-gloss UV has an extra smooth surface that is only writable with a permanent marker. We recommend letting the ink dry completely before handling to avoid smudges.
            • Textured estate labels (white vellum, white laid, and cream laid) are writable when uncoated. Use both pens and permanent markers to personalize your labels.
            • 4 mil. white vinyl high-gloss UV has a shiny surface that’s suitable for writing only with permanent markers. Make sure to have ample drying time before use.

            Should I use 70 lb. label paper or 4 mil. white vinyl sticker paper for my cut-to-size labels?

            White vinyl sticker paper is best for labels that will be used outdoors as this is UV resistant and can withstand other elements.

            The 70 lb. label material is suited for items to be displayed indoors. Choose from a gloss, high gloss, or matte finish, depending on your design. Matte and gloss are both writable while the UV resistant high gloss is not.

            What are the best uses for roll labels? For cut-to-size labels?

            If you need to label a large quantity of items, you can place the roll into a label dispenser for quick and easy application. Cut-to-size labels work better for promotional handouts.

            Are roll labels more expensive?

            Roll labels are slightly more expensive than the other label types. However, they become more economical when you order more. Additionally, roll labels are more efficient to use for high-volume packaging. They are easy to peel too and can be applied by machine to save you time.

            Can I print on both sides of the label?

            We currently do not offer double-sided labels like the ones found on some shampoo bottles. However, you can print separate labels for the front and back of your product.

            Are your labels dishwasher safe?

            Some of our label materials can withstand heat (e.g., inside the dishwasher or microwave). White BOPP, clear BOPP, and white vinyl can be used for items that go in the microwave. Dishwasher-safe labels include all BOPP materials and white vinyl.

            How long will the label adhesive last?

            Our labels come with permanent adhesive that strengthens over time. The longevity of the adhesive depends on the temperature and surface texture. If it’s too hot, the adhesive will most likely lose its grip. Textured surfaces (i.e., with grooves or bumps) reduce the sticky bond from the labels. Make sure to apply labels on smooth, dry, and flat surfaces.

            Material: White Premium Sticker Paper


            • Gloss Indoor Laminate
            • Matte Indoor Laminate

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            White Premium Sticker Paper

            • Smooth semi-gloss, pressure-sensitive adhesive paper
            • Our most popular paper label
            • Lamination adds oil & water-resistance to the label face
            • Face stock thickness: 60 lb.
            • All temperature permanent adhesice sticks to almost any surface
            • Apply onto clean, dry, surface at a room temperature
            • Minimum Application Temp: 30F
            • Temperature range that label can withstand: -65F to 200F
            • Not for writing on
            • Recommended for general indoor label application
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