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1" x 1" Square Stickers on Sheets

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            Square Stickers in Sheets

            1" x 1" Square Stickers on Sheets

            Square Stickers in Sheets

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            Nothing’s got sticking power quite like custom stickers. When it comes to delighting your customers and promoting your brand, stickers can be a great way to go. Just look at popular news source Reddit, which started with a $500 sticker marketing campaign that helped grow it into the powerhouse it is today. We print labels and square sticker sheets you can use in your own creative marketing campaigns.

            Build Brand Loyalty that Sticks
            Use our square sticker sheets to build your brand. Hand out a small “thank you” sticker with your logo as a gift, eliciting good will from your customers. Place your stickers near the register for your hardcore fans to purchase as a small add-on. Your business has an opportunity to gain exposure continually, depending on where your customers place your sticker.

            In a world where everyone is constantly online, promotional stickers prove that traditional marketing is still alive and well. Stickers can grab attention and create an impression time and time again, with the potential to advertise for you years after your purchase. They can be used to identify and unite fans of your brand in real life, serving as a social signal.

            Square sticker sheets are great for local businesses, dentists, doctors, universities, and anyone who needs a message that sticks.

            Paper / Material: 

            • Matte
            • Glossy

            Shape: Square

            Stickers Per Sheet: 

            • 1" x 1" 80 Per Sheet
            • 2" x 2" 12 Per Sheet
            • 3" x 3" 6 Per Sheet
            • 4" x 4" 4 Per Sheet
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