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16" x 20" Quality Wall Posters

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        Wall Posters

        16" x 20" Quality Wall Posters

        Wall Posters

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        Bright and Attractive Wall Posters That Turn Heads and Encourage Action 

        Customize wall posters you can apply in your store or office. Print motivational posters for the office or wall art posters to liven up your restaurant’s interiors. 

        How to Create the Right Poster for Your Message  

        Choose the right shape and size for your message. 

        Print in square/rectangle, circle, or oval sizes. Perfect for promotions or designs that are logo or brand-specific. 

        If you need a specific shape or dimension, a variety of custom sizes are available. Select “Custom” as your shape and a list of dimensions will appear for you to combine.  

        Include rounded corners to smoothen out the look. 

        Create sleek-looking edges on your square or rectangle custom posters. You can add a quarter-inch (¼”) or half-inch (½”) radius as a measurement for the corners. 

        Print in adhesive fabric for temporary displays.  

        Have a few seasonal promotions or sales tips you need to display around your store? Encourage customer action with removable and repositionable wall posters on adhesive fabric. This easy to apply material can be placed over curved areas and sticks immediately.

        How to Put Posters on Your Wall 

        Below are a few solutions for how to hang posters without damaging the wall. These apply to designs printed on photo paper materials.  

        • Poster rail is an accessory wherein the top and bottom of the poster is shot through the rails. It is hung or suspended from above. 
        • Adhesive putty is a low-cost solution for any business that wants to prevent damage to sensitive walls. 
        • Double-sided tape if you don’t want to peel the tape off the backside of your poster. 

        Rounded Corners: None

        Material: Adhesive Fabric

        Printed Side: Front Only

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